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sat with my brother and talked with him in As-

'While we were talking we heard the tribe all
gathering outside and making a lot of noise,, as if
they were much aroused.

'This big fellow took my brother outside and
left me there alone. I loaded my flint-lock with
some powder I found near the door, and made up
my mind that I would get a chief if I could pick
one out. I made ready to bolt; I was going to
dash right Into the crowd outside and get as many
of them as I could before they got me. But just
as I ran through the door of the teepee two fellows
grabbed me and held me so that I could do
nothing. All of the three bands of Blackfeet
were before me with their knives bared—and they
began to whoop and shout when they saw me, I
could not understand what they were saying.

'These two fellows took me down Into a steep
coulee and into a thicket. When I got there
I saw the big fellow who had fed me> holding
my brother. Then this big fellow handed my
brother over to another fellow, and then got on
his horse and began to drive the crowd back. I
saw who he was now: he was the head chief.

'After he had driven the crowd away he turned
around and drove me and my brother Into a clump
of bushes. He had on a fine buckskin suit,
worked all over with porcupine quills. He took